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When you work with law of attraction, you should show the gratitude for what you have.Also feel thankful for your life, for the present condition in which you are, since it is the result of your own past thoughts.It is your previous thoughts and emotions that have created your reality as you are now experiencing it.

You are living the residual influence of your inner world. If you are suffering from unhappiness, change your thoughts and feelings. Think and feel what you want too, and then keep thinking and feeling it as much as possible. Remember, positive drives away negative.When you do this and continue to do it, you can create any type of future you want. Focus on sending your positive thoughts and feelings into the universe and it will send you the future you are thinking of and feeling about right now.

Many individuals all over the world are searching for the means of changing their life. They are searching for the missing secret to having a wonderful life. They consider once they have this it will give them all they ever wanted. They may spend all their time and money in search of the secret. The good news is you will now have the secret, right here, right now! You do not need to search further. You had a consuming desire for it and now the universe is providing it to you. First understand one important thing and that is a life filled with money is not an abundant life. Having an abundant life means that the areas of Health, Money, and Relationships you have in an abundance not one thing over the other.

However, most people will try and tell you that money is the only thing that matters and they are wrong.

Similar to the Law of Attraction, Law of Manifestation also acts according to the message of want that you send across to the universe. If you are concentrating and thinking about the need for money, then the message that you are sending across is all about the ‘need’ or ‘lack’.So if the message you are sending across to the universe is of ‘need’ or the ‘lack’ of a particular thing, then it is more ‘need’ and ‘lack’ that is going to manifest in your life. Instead, think about what it feels like to be debt free, and then you would be manifesting those very feelings in reality.

It is through focused thought and intention that turn our desires into manifestation.

Everything we have today is a residual effect of what we held our thoughts and beliefs on earlier.One needs to be able to control his thoughts to be able to manifest only those objects that are dear to him and not otherwise. One must start right now and think about only those objects that makes him happy and keeps him peaceful.Truly believe that you can do it and make this law work for you in giving you all that you desire from life.

Focus all your thoughts and energies on this and this is your first footstep towards the Law of Manifestation.

The Law of Manifestation can be said to be in sync with the Law of Attraction since both are built on the premise that if individuals intensely think about that one thing that they need in life and thereafter concentrate and focus all their thoughts and energies on the same, then the object of desire dryly manifests in their lives in reality.Hence, the power of human thoughts is the common thread that binds these two laws together.

Manifestation only happens when somebody truly believes that it is possible to get whatever they wish for.

By merely tapping into the power of our subconscious mind, thoughts become reality.

The mysterious subconscious part of our mind is what creates the reality for us. Since it is not able to differentiate between reality and otherwise, it takes instructions from the conscious part of ones mind and then converts or manifests the same into real physical form. It must be noted that these instructions which travel from the conscious to the subconscious are in the form of one’s beliefs, thoughts and intentions.

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First, be aware of your feelings and be honest about them. Those emotions you’re feeling are not ‘just’ emotions. They send out powerful vibrations to the universe, and bring back a ‘match’ to those emotions. They can be difficult to control, so it’s not going to be easy to control them in order to get the Law of Attraction to bring you what you want. Instead, you need to work diligently, just as those in ancient times did, and undergo esoteric training, too. Knowing these facts and constantly practising them will obviously make you closer to achieving your goals than most people. Please remember though that it is impossible to fool or the Universal Laws of Attraction, because your emotions and feelings are what emit vibrations, not your conscious thoughts. So, if you want to do affirmations, that’s fine, but check in on your feelings first.

If you’re feeling fearful because you’re not going to be able to pay bills on time, or if you’re depressed, don’t try to work on affirmations; if you do, you are going to unconsciously create more situations that will bring financial hardship to you. Instead, choose a moment when you feel carefree, hopeful, and happy. That’s when the Law of Attraction works best. If you are truly feeling positive and THEN you combine that with the true conscious intent to bring abundance to you, you literally have the universe at your feet. Its power is at your disposal, and has no choice but to bring you what you want, which in this case is financial ease for success.
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Now, I can just hear you; you’re probably saying, ‘Why would I do that?’ After all, you wouldn’t knowingly create this kind of struggle, especially when things happen that appeared to be beyond your control, like losing your job.

Nonetheless, it’s really true that if you are truly to live an abundant life, your inner life must match your outer life. This is why so many people fail when they try to manipulate the Law of Attraction to improve their financial situation. You might also wonder why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you since it’s a universal law. First, you have to understand that the Law of Attraction is always at work. It’s at work whether you’re aware of it or not and regardless of whether you believe in it or not. This is one of the immutable laws of our universe.

One of the problems with the Law of Attraction is that you can misinterpret ‘understanding’ and you can try to manipulate the Law of Attraction, too.

Look for a place that is calm and quiet. It might be a tranquil spot in the local club or even a quiet corner in your house. Keep in mind that you do not eat a heavy meal just before going for your meditation session as this will make you feel heavy and sleepy. Relaxation and mind cleansing is your first step in meditation. Wear loose comfortable clothing and sit or lie down to meditate.

First, become conscious about your breathing pattern and then your existence on the whole. Think about what all are running through your mind and cleanse it off all negative thoughts ad emotions. Breathe in and out deeply for sometime to relax your mind and bring it to a clam stage.

You can relax your body by alternatively clenching each pat and letting go in order to attain complete relaxation. Now that you are relaxed, practice visualization by visualizing yourself in a position where you have already achieved your object of desire. Intensely concentrate and focus on this vision and let all your emotions of happiness, joy, excitement or sense of achievement flow out.

Seeing yourself having attained the object of your desire is known as visualization and it is the best method by which you can make the law of attraction work. Say, you want to become the head of the corporation you work for, start visualizing yourself in that position, sitting in that chair, signing papers, having meetings and the like.Concentrating intensely on such focused visualizations results in energy flow from your body that radiates and connects to the infinite energy of the universe and asks your object of desire from it.

Meditation can safely be stated to the most effective method of becoming aware of one’s own subconscious ad tapping into and developing the powers that are hidden within it. So, it is the second technique through which the law of attraction can be made to work.

First, check in and be truly honest and aware of your feelings.

Your emotions are the means by which you can tell what vibrations you are sending out to the universe. These can be difficult to control, true, so don’t expect that trying to master the Law of Attraction is going to be easy.

It’s going to take effort, just as those who have previously mastered it, including ancient initiates undergoing esoteric training, had to master it.

If you know this fact and then you undertake action, you’re going to be heads and shoulders above most people when it comes to using the Law of Attraction to bring more abundance into your life. You can’t pretend or trick the Law of Attraction, because your emotions, not your conscious mind, are in control of these vibrations. So, if you want to do affirmations, that’s fine, but check in on your feelings first. If you’re feeling fearful because you’re not going to be able to pay bills on time, or if you’re depressed, don’t try to work on affirmations; if you do, you are going to unconsciously create more situations that will bring financial hardship to you.

Instead, work with affirmations or other tools, and with the Law of Attraction, when you are feeling positive, hopeful, and happy. With these positive emotional vibrations, and a conscious intent to manifest abundance, you’ll get the universe ‘behind you,’ so that it has no choice but to bring you positive monetary occurrences.

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Secondly, the other common problem which occurs is that people try to figure out everything themselves while trying out the law of attraction.Your job is just to visualize yourself as alreading having it. The Universe will work out how it is to be done.Just don’t think that means you can sit back and not take action.

The law works though you. The Law of Attraction will give you inspiration and nudges towards the right actions you should take to achieve your dreams.So if the universe sends you opportunities to make more money, you have to act upon those ideas and seize the opportunities in order to actually make the money you are trying to attract. Of course, you also need good judgment and the ability to determine if something feels right. You should keep an open mind and expect the universe to arrange events and opportunities that will help you.

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A law of the universe is that if humans so desire, they can utilize the inherent power of their minds to ask from the universe or attract from it any object of desire that he seeks to manifest in real life.This universal law works on the new age spirituality concept that believes in the immense power of the human mind which man usually utilizes only about 10% of his total capacity.

If one can control his own subconscious then he can make the Law of Attraction work in giving him all that he desires.What has made this law so immensely popular in recent times is Rhonda Byrne’s movie ‘The Secret’ in 2006 which showed how an object of desire can be manifested in reality by using one’s mind power. Rhonda Byrne has also written a book by the same name. The approach of Ask-believe-receive was showcased in the movie as a technique to make the law of attraction work. By this method, one is able to manifest in reality any and every object of desire that he wants from life.What you do primarily is ‘Ask’ yourself about what you truly want in life? It might be things like money, fame, promotion or even grand buildings, cars and other luxury stuff.Believe is the second step that is the main part as well as the most difficult one in making the law of attraction work. Here, one needs to truly believe from the bottom of his heart that his object of desire would be happening in reality soon and even the slightest of doubts in one’s mind would not let the law work.’Receiving’ refers to being ready with open arms to receive your object of desire that ou have attracted from the universe with your intense focus and concentration.The core concept of the law is contained in the ‘believe’ part wherein you need to have complete faith that your object of desire is soon coming to you, without leaving any room for doubt in your mind at all.
The law of attraction and the law of manifestation work together in perfect harmony. The law of manifestation is the belief that you can make things happen in your everyday life just by strongly believing in them.

You can harness the power of the Law of Manifestation to achieve your goals and change your life.Manifestation refers to ‘making happen’ in reality whatever that you have ever dreamt of.

The power to do this, one must understand is there in each individual, lying beneath the layers of the subconscious mind waiting to be tapped into. The way towards it is by having an open mind and the correct mindset.Our subconscious mind is the part of us that creates our reality. Our conscious mind is the part where we direct instructions to our subconscious mind. These instructions come in the form of our thoughts, beliefs and intentions. Because our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not, it takes our conscious thoughts and begins instantly to manifest them into physical form.

The Law of Attraction is perfectly named. It is indeed one of the universe’s immutable Laws. You can skillfully use this law when you understand its properties. This law is always in force. This isn’t something that can be turned on and off, just to be called upon when convenient. It’s at work twenty-four hours a day, every day, to deliver experiences and circumstances that match the emotional vibrations you send. Areas of concern that are occupying your mental plane, like finances, are the areas where these events will manifest.

So, to harness the Law of Attraction most effectively and bring prosperity and abundance to you, you can’t send out ‘positive feelings’ about finances and money alone.

Unfortunately, negative emotions can cancel out the positive emotions, so you also have to learn how to keep negative emotions away at the same time. If this sounds impossible, remember that it’s not. Focus on positivity by exercising gratitude for what you’ve already brought to you that’s good. Practice being grateful regularly, and you can indeed manifest abundance and prosperity – powerfully so – for yourself through the Law of Attraction.

Your first job is to find out a calm and quiet corner where there is no chance of you getting disturbed.

It can be in the neighborhood park or in a tranquil corner in your home. But remember not to take in a heavy meal immediately before. Remember to wear comfortable clothes while to practice meditation.

Sit or lie down in your chosen spot and start by being aware of your own existence and your breathing. Be at peace with yourself and think about what all your mind is thinking. Remember, you need to rid yourself off all the negative thoughts and emotions. Bring your mind to a calm state and cleanse it by practicing deep breathing exercise. For bodily relaxation, clench each of your body parts and release them after a few moments and keep doing this for sometime so as to attain heightened relaxation. After relaxation, it is now time to practice visualization where you envision or see yourself having attained the object of desire you seek. Intensely focus and concentrate on this vision and let all your related emotions such as joy, happiness, sense of achievement, etc flow from you.

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Next if you are feeling inspired to do something to help bring about the dream so that it does manifest, go do it. If this means acquiring more knowledge about something, read books, search the net, take class. Follow your inclinations. One cannot expect abundance to be manifested without even working at it. Abundance will not manifest without work but the work you do will be inspired so it will not feel like work to you as it will be so enjoyable. It should be allowed to let things to manifest in life as according to their will.One should not compel things of their own accord.One should always feel that the desired thing is in progress of production or is being shipped;for this he needs to have patience that comes with certain experience and knowledge. Begin moving towards your lifetime dreams; they are waiting for you now. For most of us, financial hardship is what first takes us to the Law of attraction.

It is our intuition that keeps telling us that we possess something deep inside that somehow defines the financial path that our life follows, and that is how we first stumble upon this theory. And although this may be difficult to believe, if you’re struggling financially at the moment, you’re the one who has attracted this struggle, with the Law of Attraction.

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The law of attraction is based upon the vibrations you put out. So as soon as you put out negative vibrations you just get them back amplified. Are you feeling hopeless or do you feel any kind of financial desperation? If this is how you’re feeling, you are sending vibrations of hopelessness and despair about money. The universe will receive these vibrations and in return send more situations that will cause you to feel hopeless and desperate. This can be a Catch-22, especially if you’re just starting out with a Law of Attraction. What is a ‘Catch-22’? A Catch-22, to paraphrase Wikipedia’s definition, is a situation where you can only get something you need if you DON’T need it.

That may sound literally impossible, but you can learn how to live your life that way, such that you can then use the Law of Attraction to turn your financial life around for the better.

Everything in your life is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings.

Manifesting abundance is the knowing that thoughts have power. Your life has taken shape, beginning the moment you were born by the quality of your thoughts. When you were a baby, your quality of thought was only beginning to develop, since your thoughts focused on basic instincts and trying to absorb the vastness of the sensory input available to you. Children are taught by their parents what to believe, and how to behave. You then take those thoughts and beliefs and go to school. At school your thoughts and beliefs are challenged and changed. School teaches you that life is hard and people can be cold. Basically your teachers tell you that being able to manifest abundance in your life is hogwash.

In a similar what to the Law of Attraction, the Law of Manifestation gives you exactly what you ask for. This means thoughts of needing money to get out of debt is sending out messages to the Universe of more debt.So, for al these years if you have sent across the signals of need, you know why it is more of those similar feelings that you have ended up manifesting in your life.

Now go ahead and feel and communicate only those feelings that you would want to manifest in reality. Think yourself to be debt free and send signals of joy, relaxation and happiness to manifest the very same in the future.It is only through controlled thoughts and intense concentration that we can manifest whatever we ever desired in life. Remember that there exists a causal relation, whatever we have today; the cause of it lies in our past thoughts.

An individual needs to control his thoughts so that he can manifest only those things that desires in life and those which he does not. Start right now ad think about only those things that evoke a feeling of joy in you.Believe that you can achieve the things you dream about. Just focus on the intention to do that and watch as the law of manifestation works its magic!

The Law of Attraction has certainly received a lot of press in recent years because of popular movies and books like Secret.

However, it’s a law of the universe, and therefore, has been around since literally forever.

People have been aware of it for as long as time has existed, and it’s also become the foundation of a lot of belief systems and esoteric teachings.

Thus Law of Attraction is anything but a fad cult or a new age thought in vogue that is doing the rounds in the pop culture of the world. If it is not working for you, it means that you have still not understood its core aspects. Many people, when they first come upon the Law of Attraction and try to understand it, will actually begin to experience its effects in the reverse — in that they’ll actually experience greater financial hardship, instead of seeing it ease. This just provides the follower with clues of how the law of attraction really works.

Spending all day thinking about abundance, using affirmations and other things hoping to get more money misses the whole point.

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Do not think about the lack of money at present, rather think about the home. Visualize that you already owe that home and let all thoughts and feelings generate thereof.

Think about how it is going to feel living in that house. Let you emotions generate and give strength to your thoughts. Visualize, think and feel and let the flow of energy from your mind connect with that of the universe in manifesting your new home into a reality.

Many times people use this law with the emotions and feelings of lack and deficiency. For instance, feeling indebted and desperate to pay bills people may try to attract money. However, they fret and worry about being in debt and needing money.Thus, stop thinking about needing the money and think that the bills are already paid instead.

Visualize yourself as a debt free man who has paid all his bills and focus on how you feel.

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First, check in and be truly honest and aware of your feelings. Your emotions are the means by which you can tell what vibrations you are sending out to the universe. These can be difficult to control, true, so don’t expect that trying to master the Law of Attraction is going to be easy. It’s going to take effort, just as those who have previously mastered it, including ancient initiates undergoing esoteric training, had to master it.

However, knowing that fact and taking action on it will put you well ahead of most people when it comes to using the Law of Attraction to bring more abundance into your life.

You cannot trick Universal Laws because it is not your conscious mind that sends out vibrations, it is your emotional heart. If you are using affirmations to try to change your circumstances, though, they’re not going to work unless your feelings match them. So, check in with your feelings and see what they are. If you’re feeling afraid because your current situation is that you can’t pay your bills in time, or if you’re feeling depressed because of your financial circumstances, leave the affirmations for another day. If you don’t, you’ll just create more financial strife for yourself. Instead, work with the Law of Attraction when you’re feeling hopeful. When these positive vibrations are combined with a conscious intent to manifest abundance, it’s inevitable that the power of the universe will bring you positive financial returns.

Well there are many reasons but basically, it is easier to stay where you are at in life and just complain about it than changing it. Donald Trump does not cry himself to sleep at night. In addition, bill Gates never doubted that he would profit extremely well from his business. The answer is no. No they didn’t, haven’t and won’t.

They have had the mindset from the beginning that they would be successful, that they would be the masters of their own lives that they would live a life of abundance.

In addition, just because the key is simple does not mean it is not real. If you look at everything around you, you will notice that all things have started from a thought and were put into reality.Everything from a paperweight to and airplane has been manifested into reality from a thought someone had.

What does all this convey to you? It implies that you start things from now on, for starting it now can create the things you dreamt about.

What you really need to narrow down is your choices for abundance. Instead decide what you need primarily, you may even jot down those in case you forget.Though it is probably not exactly what you want, you still need to be grateful for it. If you can’t appreciate the things you have at the moment you will not get anything better.

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Whatever or whoever one thinks about in life are reflections of these convincing expressions.No matter whether he is consciously aware of it or not. when manifesting abundance you have acknowledge the fact that your thoughts have power. Now you also need to know that it is the intensity and the quality of those thoughts that impact your life. It started the moment you were born and has continued ever since. While you are thoughts may not have been of the highest quality when you were an infant.

Your thoughts were simply tools that you used to understand the new world around you.

If you think about it, even babies have the incredible power to manipulate the world around them so that it works in their favor. From that stage of infancy to this stage of growing matured one learned to pursue about his thoughts from his parents.

One started learning in what one’s parents taught him in his infant stage.

The teachings of one’s parents ultimately ended up in making him learn how to socialize in between the general people. One started implementing them in real life when they reached school,where they realized the fact that life is cold and full of skepticism,and manifesting abundance is a tomfoolery.

Another problem people fall into when trying to utilize the Law of Attraction to get what they want in life is they try to figure it all out for themselves.

The only thing they should figure out is what they truly want to manifest in life and then focus all their thoughts and energies on it, leaving the rest to the universe.This doesn’t mean that you will do nothing at all.

You will of course take action but only after the universe nudges you towards it.

For example in trying to get money, the ideas might just come to you as a ‘Eureka’ moment.

Also opportunites will suddenly present themselves out of the blue. It will feel right because the universe has sent it to you.

Your mind is an extremely powerful thing.

It’s not the same as your brain, which is a part of your physical body. Rather, it’s the spiritual part of you.

The most common myth is that 95% of our existence is our body while the mind is something which is wrapped inside.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. It is our mind that creates our existence and the physical body is present just to experience the reality created by it.The Law of Manifestation works through the power of our mind. That, when an individual thinks about something, truly believes it to happen and directs all his concentration and focus on the same, his mind sends signals to the universe which in turn manifests that very object in reality.When you have the focus and belief, your mind can then take action to get your physical body to take the steps necessary to make it all happen for you.

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