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You must first achieve a heightened awareness of your emotions. These feelings are responsible for sending out vibrations to the universe.

Of course, feelings can be a challenge to control, so you can’t expect it to be easy to manipulate the Law of Attraction.

The ancient adepts worked hard at it while they were being trained, and you will need to work hard as well. Knowing these facts and constantly practising them will obviously make you closer to achieving your goals than most people. Please remember though that it is impossible to fool or the Universal Laws of Attraction, because your emotions and feelings are what emit vibrations, not your conscious thoughts. Therefore always be aware of what you are feeling when using affirmations. If you are anxious or worried about your finances while doing them they will not work. Try to find a time when you are feeling good about things – even something unrelated to your finances – just transfer your positive feelings to what you are saying in your affirmations. The right time to use the Law of Attraction is when you’re feeling upbeat and hopeful. The combination of your mental focus on manifesting abundance and your positive vibrations will unleash the power of the universe and bring you positive financial events.

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The reason for this is that people in general find it easier to stay in the same place that they are in now and complain about it rather than trying to change it. How about Donald trump? Has he ever cried himself to sleep over who he is? What about Bill Gates? Was there ever a time where he did not know that he would make a lot of money? Absolutely not. They thought they would be successful from the beginning being masters of their lives and having an abundance of it.

Just because the solution is an easy one does not mean it won’t work. Take a look around at the things around you and realize they have all come from thoughts that were put into reality.For instance, your computer, your pen, the car you drive, your phone – everything you can see all began as a thought.How does this apply to you? It means you can create the life you want right away.

You need to decide what it is you want. Be very precise about it, perhaps even write it down. Once you figure out what you want to do, realize what you already have and be truly thankful for it.

Try looking around your life and acknowledge those things that you already have at present. Thoughts of appreciation and gratefulness would only attract instances in your life so that more of those thoughts would generate.

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Pretty much the people and circumstances in your life at this point in time are expressions and reflection of the innermost thoughts whether you are aware of this fact or not. Manifesting abundance is the knowing that thoughts have power. Your life has taken shape, beginning the moment you were born by the quality of your thoughts. When you were a baby, your quality of thought was only beginning to develop, since your thoughts focused on basic instincts and trying to absorb the vastness of the sensory input available to you. You learned at this young stage to believe that what your parents taught you is truth. What they did teach you however was how to be sociable as a child. After that, you most likely were put in school and taught how hard life is. Moreover, in the end you were pretty much taught that finding abundance in life is a waste of time.

A second most important problem that keeps the law of attraction from working is the fact that most people try to figure everything out themselves.

Your only job when working with this law is to figure out exactly what you want and focus all your thoughts and emotions on having it. Let the universe decide how you are going to obtain it.

However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. You have to take action to reach your goals but when you work with the Law of Attraction, you will be taking inspired action thanks to the nudges and ideas the universe puts in your path.For instance, various moneymaking ideas may come to you when you want to attract money. Pay attention to the universe and listen to your heart when opportunities present themselves. Be aware that there may also be opportunities arise that are not, the best choice. Remember, opportunities that the universe sends to you will have a good feeling, choose those that feel right.

It is a proven fact that our minds are incredibly powerful even if we do not recognise it.

It is a tool gifted to humans from the Universe. The most common misconception about the human brain and mind is that both are the same, but it is very important to know that brain is something that gives physical appearance and forms an organ of human nature, whereas mind is the spiritual form of humans.Many think that our body makes up 95% of our human existence and our mind is wrapped inside it. In reality, however, it is our mind that makes up our existence and our physical body is a small part of us only to experience what our mind creates.Mind power is the tool through which the Law of Manifestation works.

An individual wants something in life, thinks about it focusing all his energies and emotions on the same and his mind sends across signals to the universe which in turn leads the object of his desire to manifest in his life in reality.

The receiving end of all this is our physical body which only experiences what our thoughts give formations to. At the end we are spiritual beings with just a human experience.

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