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Firstly you need to be very cautiously aware of your own feelings. It is the vibration of your emotions that communicate with the universe. It needs efforts and patience to get it right, just like anything worth doing really! Knowing about this and using techniques keeping this fact in mind will help bring in more abundance in your life through the law of attraction.

Remember that you cannot trick this universal law since the vibrations do not travel from your conscious mind but rather from your emotional heart. This means, you need to keep your feelings in check when doing your daily affirmations. If you are worried because your bills are overdue or you feel depressed, its best to not work on your affirmations.

Otherwise, you will be consciously attracting situations that will cause additional financial distress. Instead, work with affirmations as they relate to the Law of Attraction when you’re feeling hopeful, positive, and happy. These are positive emotional vibrations, and by using them along with the positive intent to manifest financial abundance, you truly harness the universe to work for you. It has no choice but to bring you occurrences that are financially positive.

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The reasons for these can rather end up in a long list, but all their origin is from one fundamental point.

The fact is that people don’t really want to live a life of abundance.

They are comfortable with how their lives are and to them its better to continue with that and complain about it rather than make the extra effort to improve.

Do you people like Donald Trump Bill Gates also felt that way? The answer is a big resounding no.

They have had the mindset from the start that they would be successful in ruling their own lives abundantly.The simplicity of the fact should not be the reason for you to disbelieve it. Look around your surroundings for proof. Each and every thing you see started off as a thought – a thought that someone else had, which they manifested into reality.Everything from a paperweight to and airplane has been manifested into reality from a thought someone had.What should this all mean to you? It means at this very moment you can create the life you have been dreaming of. The first thing is to decide what it is you really want. You must be specific and perhaps should be written down. Once you have figured that out you should look at what you already have and been honestly grateful for it.It might not be the best but if you do not appreciate those things how can anything else be appreciated or get any better.

Law of Attraction David Childerley Reveals The Secret
Everything in your life is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings.

Manifesting abundance stems from the acknowledgment that thoughts have power. The quality of your thought has shaped your entire life from the moment you were born. Of course, as a tiny baby, the quality of your thought certainly had not had any chance to develop into a great power.

Your thoughts were mostly responses to basic instincts and simply trying to absorb the sheer vastness of sensory input coming into you from all sides. Your parents then taught you what to believe and how to socialize in childhood. Upon going to school, you found that life could be harsh and uncompromising. You learned that it was foolishness to manifest abundance.

The second issue is that people try to figure everything out themselves while going for the law of attraction.

What they need to do is only figure out their object of desire and then concentrate all their thoughts and emotions on it.

The universe will decide in what way it will manifest in reality.That sounds simple enough, what goes up, comes down and what goes out, cycles around. However, you will have to be watchful and listen to the universe when it inspires you to take action. Taking action when you are using the law of attraction and being aware of ideas and nudges along the way is essential.What you have to do is to act on the little nudges that the universe will give you.

In our example of manifesting money, the universe will nudge you towards many opportunities of making money. Don’t go for each and every opportunity of making money that come across, but only the one that your heart feels right since that’s the one which the universe has sent to you.

Many people do the mistake of thinking our minds to be the same as our brains which in essence is a wrong concept. Human mind is a supremely powerful tool handed to us from the universe, the power of which is immeasurable.Some people believe that our bodies are 95% of human existence that encases our minds.

Yet your mind is the actual spiritual essence that creates those experiences for your body to go through.

The Law of Manifestation works withthrough the power of our mind. We form thoughts in our mind and focus on those thoughts with intention and belief.

We send these thoughts out into the universe which has the total power to turn any thought into reality.The receiving end of all this is our physical body which only experiences what our thoughts give formations to.

At the end we are spiritual beings with just a human experience.

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